Completely Personalized Hogwarts (Inspired) Letter
Completely Personalized Hogwarts (Inspired) Letter

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Need a specific wording for your Hogwarts Letter? This Completely Personalized letter is the perfect option if you know just what you’d like to say to that special someone as a Birthday gift, Christmas gift, Halloween Surprise, or any special occasion. I will take your wording a HANDWRITE it into a magical Hogwarts-ified gift for your recipient.

This letter includes:

  • 1 Personalized Handwritten Letter
  • 1 Personalized Handwritten Envelope wax sealed with the Hogwarts Crest of your choice

•If you would like your letter to include any accessories such as a Platform Ticket, Supply List or House-Themed Bookmark, please choose listing that includes " + Accessories".

•Letter paper is 8.5 x 11, and is A2 in size when folded, 5.5 x 4.25.
•Envelope is 5.5 x 4.25

Please Note:

  • All letters are written in ENGLISH!

  • All extras featured in photos (owl, candles, etc) are for decoration ONLY and are not included in this set! :)

Letter Wording 

Letter wording is COMPLETELY up to you! If you need some help “Hogwarts-ifying” your letter, feel free to contact me! I’d be more than happy to brainstorm with you on what you would like your letter to say. You can also get some wording inspiration from my other Acceptance letter listings!

How It's Made

The Letter will be bundled into a handwritten & personalized envelope, then wax sealed with the colored wax and the Hogwarts Crest to match your chosen theme (Blue wax for Ravenclaw, Green for Slytherin, etc.) Letter is A2 in size when folded, 5.5 x 4.25.

I personally handwrite each of these letters by using antique calligraphy pens and dipped ink. You don't see this art that much anymore! The letterhead is embossed with a gorgeous colored foil to match the Hogwarts Crest of your choice, as well as all replica detail, including Dumbledore or Minerva’s Titles and Honors. The (Optional) Hogwarts Express Ticket & Supply List are also specially printed on cardstock parchment paper.

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Completely Personalized Hogwarts (Inspired) Letter

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